What You Need to Know About Marvin Windows

Awning Windows

Finding the right windows to improve your home can be a challenge, but if installed properly it can be an incredible home improvement to the overall appearance of any room while boosting your home value. Whether you are trying to improve your home’s look or searching for solutions to keep heating and cooling inside, then a window replacement may be just what you are looking for.

At Paul Henry’s Window Installation, we have an assortment of Marvin Windows in Warrenton, VA that can provide a quality solution to whatever your home needs. Our window replacement team is highly experienced to help you choose the perfect window set suited to your aesthetic style and function preferences. Here are the types of Marvin windows we offer and how they can be used to improve your home.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are one of the most common window styles installed. It features two window sashes that easily slide up or down and can open multiple ventilation options. These windows are also very low maintenance and simple to clean.

Gliding/Sliding Window

For a clean and classic style, gliding or sliding windows are incredibly durable and can come as two or three section slider windows. They are often used for large window openings, and its functions are smooth and reliable.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows can feature double-hung, casement or picture windows that are organized side by side and provide multiple openings. These windows may include one large central picture window (bay), or several or more identical windows (bow), which can be arranged at angles to form an arched window. This allows for a more modern style to any room.

Picture/Combination Windows

Installing certain window styles with picture or combination windows greatly increases lighting and ventilation of large spaces. While these windows do not open, they allow for picturesque scenes and enhance energy-efficiency. Illuminate your home with an aesthetic picture window as it can be split into multiple smaller panes to form a decorative design.


Awning windows involve a single window sash hinged to open up and outward, allowing consistent ventilation. They are also perfect for inclement weather conditions such as excessive rain or wind. As they are easy to open and close, awning windows are often placed high on the wall to provide privacy while still permitting light and fresh air to pass through.

Specialty Shapes

Specialty shaped windows really give you a chance to let your creativity shine by designing a truly unique way to light up your home. These specialty shaped windows are incredibly versatile as they can be customized into any shape or size you want. They also offer a direct glaze, which will obscure the divide between the outside and inside of your home.

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