Your Top 10 FAQs About Replacement Windows Answered

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We know you’ve got questions about replacement windows as well as the installation process. Our experts at Paul Henry Windows want to help put your mind at ease. Below we’ve provided you with simple answers to our top 10 frequently asked questions.

1. Why do people need replacement windows?

There are many reasons property managers and homeowners choose to replace windows:

Energy Efficiency

When our customers replace all the windows in their homes, they often see savings up to 40 percent on their energy bills. Your new windows will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with less expense.

Indoor Air Quality

The windows we install have the highest air infiltration ratings you can find. You’ll be living in a less drafty and dusty home while keeping allergens at bay as well as simply improving the comfort level in your home.


When we install your replacement windows, you can rest easier knowing you’re protected by the highest forced entry ratings available.

Curb Appeal

They way your home looks from the curb is incredibly important to the value of your home. With new windows, you will be highlighting the modern upkeep of your home while keeping the style of the architecture consistent.

Resale Value

Our experts have spent time researching what you can expect as a return on your investment when you have replacement windows installed. You can expect up to a 76 percent return on your investment with new windows.

Interior Design

You can choose from a seemingly unlimited number of options when you are looking for new windows for your home. You can choose anything to compliment your floors, cabinets or color schemes.

2. Is the installation process invasive to my home?

Most of the time our installation jobs are completed in one day with no harm to your home. Our installers have two basic methods – either Insert or Full Frame replacement. Our experts are always happy to inspect and recommend which would work best for your home.

3. Are your windows custom-made for my home?

Once we are officially hired to replace your windows, our owner Paul Henry will visit your home to pull measurements to the closest 1/8th of an inch. He also double-checks the measurements of each consultant so we always “measure twice, cut once.”

4. Do you use subcontractors when performing any window work?

Never. We use only our own trained window installers who are employees at Paul Henry Windows and are fully licensed and bonded. In addition, they are factory trained and drug tested regularly. They will be pleasant to have near your home and show you, your family and your home the utmost respect.

5. Right now, I am just researching my options, are you like the other high-pressure sales people?

No. We completely understand this is a substantial investment in your home and do not employ hard-nosed sales tactics. We respect your need for taking some time when making any decision.

6. Do you offer financing?

Yes, we have two options to choose from. We offer a no money down option, which includes no payments for a full calendar year. You can also choose a fixed, low monthly payment option with a reasonable interest rate. However, most people choose to take the 2 percent discount when no financing is required.

7. What brands of replacement windows do you carry?

We have three brands for you to choose from – Soft Light, Andersen and Marvin.  No matter what your budget or design criteria, we can find the perfect solution. The window types are vinyl, fiberglass or wood clad. Our consultant can explain the benefits of each choice and make suggestions for which is best for your home.

8. When it rains, my windows leak. Will the new windows fix this?

The answer could be yes. However, the source of some leaks which seem to be from the windows can be roofing or siding issues. Our company also specializes in siding and roofing installations. Our experts can evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of action.

9. How many installations have you performed?

We have done thousands of replacement window installation jobs. In addition, we have been specializing in all types of exterior home improvement projects for 35 years. We carry the highest ratings possible on the consumer awareness sites for the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and Yelp.

10. How do I even get started?

If you looking for more information or are ready for your free in-home consultation, you can contact us through our website or give us a call. During your consultation, our experts can evaluate your situation, recommend a solution, and provide you with a free estimate. At that point, we can provide you with any additional information and help you make whatever decision is best for your family and home.

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