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Paul Henry’s Window Installation is an insured and family-operated business that has over a decade of experience within the home maintenance industry. Providing a high sufficient performance in installations and remodeling services. Our business excels in delivering the most outstanding customer service and guarantee in showing only the best project outcomes that leave clients beyond satisfied. Paul Henry’s general contractors are experts within any home improvement field. Bringing astonishing individual designs to life with quality rich products and techniques.

Specializing in home remodeling and installations in Dumfries, we are honored in being a company devoted in promising to showcase your home’s project the right way. As our general contractors and technicians are fully trained and certified to their full potential, we reassure that your home is in great hands.


Since 1990, we have acquired over-the-top knowledge and experience in home remodeling and installation maintenance in the following areas:


At Paul Henry’s, we are dedicated in offering the richest quality of assistance when it comes to window installation or repair. Windows are one of the founding parts of the home and it is important to consistently cater to its maintenance. Therefore, as experts in several home improvement fields, we enjoy providing the top products of modernization for customers. Our professionals take the worry off your plate and proceed to guide the window installation or repair project with a smooth transition to ensure great results. Learn more about our window installation and replacement services in Dumfries, VA.


As a family-owned business, our team is made up of certified contractors who receive rigorous training in all areas of home improvement. Despite our name, Paul Henry’s Window Installation specializes not only in window installations, but in selling and installing doors too.

We are Class A and A+ rated. You can trust us to expertly install any door in your home and help you choose from a variety of designs to perfectly complement any architectural style or decorative flair in your home. Learn more about our door installation and replacement services in Dumfries, VA.


A guaranteed way to improve your home is to add a deck? –Perfect for family gatherings and friendly get-togethers. With over a decade of experience, let our contractors help you install the deck of your dreams. With our unique long-lasting warranty, it is completely worth the investment as it drastically increases the overall property value. Learn more about our deck installation and replacement services in Dumfries, VA.


It is highly recommended to hire a professional for roof installations or repair as risk factors may potentially put you in danger and could lead to further damage the property. At Paul Henry’s we guarantee great quality work and we work closely with you in selecting the most flawless roofing styles suited for the home.

Classified as A-ranked contractors within the Northern Virginia region, we excel not only within a range of multiple home projects, but our workmanship and customer service skills are what truly distinguish our company from others within the home maintenance industry. Trust our Factory-Certified Roofing contractors, as we ensure roof replacement and repair layouts to match your specific needs. Learn more about our roofing installation and replacement services in Dumfries, VA.


When gutters become excessively filled with an overflow of water, it can cause an outbreak of water leakage within the home. Damaged gutters can cause a variety of different issues, such as landscaping issues, roof leaks and unexpected basement floods. Well-placed and installed gutters ensures water flows away from the home and prevents future water damage and erosion from occurring. Contract one of our professionals to handle any flawed gutters issues and an allow us to safely restore your property, leaving it better than it was originally. Learn more about our gutter installation and replacement services in Dumfries, VA.


Another great way to make your home look twice as appealing is to simply remodel the exterior with new or repaired siding. Serving as the main shield for the home, it’s vital in making sure the home is protected as well as ensuring the property is beautifully vibrant on the outside. Paul Henry’s window installation offers Mill Run Solid Core Siding® as one of the top well-known brands for siding installations. From traditional vintage options to modern updated designs. Allow us in becoming a part of your journey in bringing your dream home to life. Learn more about our siding installation and replacement services in Dumfries, VA.

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As a team of dedicated professionals, we take the appropriate steps based on individual needs in order to bring your vision to life. We deliver breathtaking results as we built our reputation in presenting quality work and honest services for an affordable rate. Contact us for more information.

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