Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

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Replacing windows can get expensive and seems like an exhausting process. Our experienced staff at Paul Henry’s Windows can help you figure out what you’re looking for and what your next steps are in no time.

Whether you are worried about replacing a single window or all the windows in your home we’ve got you covered.

Nine Signs You Need New Windows Now

    1. Your windows are single pane glass.
      It is almost impossible to maintain indoor comfort with single pane windows. They let cool air escape in summer and warm air out in the wintertime. They often develop frost on the inside of the window during freezing temperatures and snow storms, which leads to window breakage and further damage to your home.
    2. You are constantly bothered by outdoor noise.
      Replacing your windows with dual pane or laminated glass can reduce the volume of outdoor noise and make your home more peaceful, quiet and restful.
    3. Your furniture, carpet, drapes, and artwork are fading.
      Today’s energy-efficient windows can block the sun’s ultraviolet rays and protect your treasured belongings from fading.
    4. Your windows leak.
      Water seeping into your home through old, worn-out windows or patio doors is a leading cause of mold and mildew, which is costly to repair. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient, dual-pane, low-emissivity windows will protect your home from water damage, reduce your energy consumption, and lower your heating and cooling costs.
    5. Your windows are ugly.
      Replacing your old windows with modern window styles will make your home more beautiful and increase its value.
    6. It is hard to close and lock your windows.
      When you have young children, you want your windows to close and lock properly, thus keeping children safe inside, while preventing injuries from falling through windows. Windows that don’t close or lock properly also allow air to seepage, making it hard to maintain indoor comfort and increasing the costs of heating and cooling your home. New windows insulate your home and make it easier to maintain indoor comfort year-round.
    7. Your windows are difficult to clean.
      Double-hung windows with tilt-in sash designs give you easy access to the exterior of your windows and allow you to clean the outside window panes while remaining safely indoors.
    8. Your windows are falling apart or rotting.
      Old rotting windows that are falling apart should be replaced right away. We will replace them with windows that won’t fade, blister, peel or rot.
    9. You are tired of painting your windows.
      Aluminum-clad and vinyl-clad windows are maintenance free. They never need painting and they never peel, flake, fade, or blister.

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