Five Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced in Northern Virginia

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Fall has officially arrived and the lower temperatures are here in Northern Virginia! If your windows are old and worn or if you are experiencing other issues with your home, then installing replacement windows may be your best option. Getting your windows replaced by a professional window installer in Northern Virginia will ensure that you are saving on your energy bills and that you are comfortable in your own home.

Paul Henry’s Window Installation is dedicated to providing home improvement services such as window and door replacements to residents all around the Northern Virginia area. Our Class A contractors are dedicated to providing a simple and stress-free window replacement installation to make sure your home is energy-efficient and your windows are long-lasting. Below are five signs that you need your windows replaced this fall season.  

Increased Energy Bills

If you have noticed even the slightest increase in your energy bills, then you may need your windows replaced. Old windows can lead to hot and cold spots in your home. For instance, if it feels much colder near the window in the fall and winter seasons, then you may have drafts coming in through open spaces in your windows. Throughout the seasons, the temperatures will rise and fall, and it will be the same for the temperature in your home! Getting windows replacements installed will help keep the temperature in your home comfortable and energy bills stable.

Poor Window Operation

Windows can stiffen the older it gets, which makes it difficult to open and close them. Wooden windows tend to be known for being a challenge to open, especially if they are painted or bloated shut. When you have trouble moving your windows or you are using more force than necessary, then it’s a clear sign your windows need to be replaced.

Worn Frames and Leaking Windows

Window frames can decay from too much moisture exposure and can speed up the decaying process. Decaying window frames can be a serious hazard because it encourages mold growth. The longer you wait on replacing your windows, the quicker your windows will leak and cause your home to have poorly insulation. Nothing lasts forever and cracks and leaks in your windows can develop over time, so it’s recommended that you get new windows replaced sooner rather than later.

Condensation or Frost Build Up

How often do you see condensation forming on your windows? If you think this is a normal occurrence, think again. When there’s condensation forming between the two glass window panes, then it means your windows sealant is no longer holding up. Get your windows replaced before you experience any further leakages.

No Soundproofing

How clear does the world outside sound in your home? If you ever get a twinge of annoyance or get distracted from how loud traffic is when you are inside, then your windows may need replacing. Whether you have single-pane or double-pane windows, windows allow sound vibrations to travel from outside to inside your home. A window replacement means your windows will have better shock absorption and your home will maintain a peaceful and quiet environment.

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Installing new windows in your home in Northern Virginia can be a challenge for you to take on your own but with a professional window installation company, it doesn’t need to be! Paul Henry’s Window Installation can help you choose the right windows for your home. Our qualified contractors have the years of experience to provide quality window replacements tailored to your needs.

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