How to Decorate for the Holidays Without Damaging Your Home

christmas tree and lights

The holiday season is upon us. Decorations are going up all around our communities, but don’t those lights damage roofs? Won’t hanging a wreath on your door create holes or scratches?

Whether you like a single string of lights or your house looks like it belongs in a Christmas movie, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find useful tips to minimize the chance of damage to your home.

Up on the Rooftop

Watch out when you’re up on the rooftop adding lights and other decorations.

  • Don’t let your shingles jingle. Your shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against the elements. Hanging anything from them is a bad idea. Even if you use the Christmas light clips or hooks, make sure you aren’t connecting directly to the shingles.
  • Don’t let your tinsel get in a tangle (or your lights for that matter). When you untangle your lights before climbing onto the roof, you cause less damage to your roof. You will spend less time walking on it, you’ll have less chance of catching the tangles on a shingle, and you’ll be less likely to become unbalanced and fall.
  • Don’t forget to bring your favorite elf. Having a friend or helper hold the ladder while you climb will keep you, your roof, gutter, and siding safer. A falling ladder creates massive Christmas chaos. Your helper can also hand you supplies from the ground, so you don’t have to carry them to the roof with you. Safety first!
  • Don’t be a Scrooge and rip down the decorations. When the holiday season finishes, make sure you remove your lights and other items with care. Pulling at the end of a string of lights can cause serious problems for your roof and gutters.

First Impressions at the Front Door

Your front door is the entry point into your home. It gives your guests their first impression of the winter wonderland you’ve designed inside. A little bit of décor can go a long way.

  • Use fishing line to catch those envious looks from your neighbors. Take some heavy-test fishing line and tie a loop. Put the loop through your wreath. Then, use a second loop of the fishing line, putting it through the first and hang the ends of the loop over the top corners of the door. It’s a good idea to use painters tape along the top of the door to keep the line from slipping. The result seems to be a floating wreath secured to your door.
  • Another uncomplicated way to hang decorations on your door is to use adhesive hooks. Make sure if you use these, the ones you purchase have pull-tabs for easy removal. Many kinds will ensure you don’t strip away paint or stain as you remove them.
  • If your door is metal or glass, you can use magnetic hooks. A strong set of magnets placed on both the inside and the outside of the door keeps decor in place. If you use this option, your decorations will need to be on the lighter side.
  • An over-the-door wreath hanger is a classic option for displaying your decorations. Choose one with a felted back, or add an adhesive felt tab to the underside of the door hanger to avoid scratches.

Decorations in the Windows

Placing decorations in windows is a wonderful way to create a festive atmosphere for both the inside and the outside of your home.

  • Use hooks attached to suction cups to hang small items on the glass where everyone can see. Simply make sure the glass and the suction cup is clean before hanging the hook. After removal, there is no damage to the glass and no sticky mess to remove.
  • Candles sitting on the window sill are classy and traditional Christmas decorations. However, to avoid messy wax drips and a higher possibility of fire, use battery powered candles. The light will still provide a warm glow, but your windows will be safe from harm.
  • Use your curtain rod for more this holiday season. Hang garland, lights, unused tree ornaments, ribbons, bows, and any other lightweight holiday décor you can imagine from a well-secured curtain rod around any window. You are only limited by the festivity of your imagination.

Last Minute Holiday Tips

Now that things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas, there are still a few things to remember. Avoid overloading your circuits and causing severe damage. An ill-timed winter storm can blow poorly secured decorations around, so make sure they are clear of power lines. Painter’s tape is handy in many situations, as are twist-ties.

Don’t get too caught up in the joy of the season and forget about keeping yourself safe. We’ve got a list of winter safety tips to keep you and your home safe this season.

If you do see severe damage to your home and need replacement windows, doors, or a new roof–contact us for a free consultation. We can determine what the best course of action is for your home and get you the expert help you need.

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