Choosing Local: Paul Henry Windows for Replacement Windows

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Homeowner Tyrone Payton and his wife live in northern Virginia, just a few miles from Woodbridge. Their home has a total of 28 windows. When it was time for replacement windows, deciding on a window and installation company took serious thought.

Choosing Paul Henry Windows

Two years ago, the Paytons began their search for energy efficient windows. Initially, the couple wasn’t sure whether to look at companies with installers across the country or to find someone close to home.

“I go to bed early, but my wife, she stays up late,” Tyrone said. “We’d seen other advertisements on television as well as heard them on the radio, but late one night my wife was watching TV and saw the commercial for Paul Henry Windows. She learned they were down in Warrenton, which is only nine or 10 miles from here. We thought we would like to go with someone local.”

When the Payton’s called Paul Henry Windows to set up a free, on-site estimate, Paul Henry–the owner of the company– showed up to do the quote in person.

“Paul Henry came out to our place first,” Tyrone said. “He gave us a demonstration and explained a little bit about his company. The more we learned, the more we were sure we wanted to go with this family-style company to install our windows. With Paul Henry, we could plan to replace one-third of the windows in the house at a time. We also paid half of the total cost in cash and financed the other half through the financing company they use.”

The Story of Another Offer

Last year, when it was time to replace the second group of windows in their home, the Payton’s talked with another installer. It was a company which replaced windows in the home of Tyrone’s sister-in-law.

“She lives in the same development we do,” Tyrone said. “She went with a larger company to replace her windows and I can tell you, hers are not as high-quality as our windows, and she paid more. The representative came out to give us a quote, but they couldn’t match the price. In fact, it was almost twice as much and that price was quoted without the addition of the garden window in the kitchen.”

Beyond the price and quality, there were other determining factors which led the Payton’s to refuse the larger company’s offer to install the second group of windows.

“When I asked about the kind of financing we could do with Paul Henry Windows the year before, they were unable to make it work,” Tyrone said. “The rep told us it would increase the cost of the project significantly. In the end, we returned our business to Paul Henry Windows for our second group of windows.”

Why Paul Henry Windows is our Continued Choice

The Payton’s still have one-third of their 28 windows to replace. They are planning to stick with the installers and the windows that they have been happy with.

“We are happy with the ease of working with a small, local business,” Tyrone said. “They are knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient at doing their job. It’s more than the quality of the windows, the quality of the work is great.”

The staff at Paul Henry Windows is waiting to help you with your next project. They’ve got more than replacement windows, too. If you’re looking for doors, siding, decking, or even roofing–the experts here at Paul Henry Windows will help you find the right product and expertly install it. Contact us for more information about how to get a free, no pressure quote for your next project.

“They are very honest in their approach,” Tyrone said. “I could make a plan and have all 28 of my windows replaced over time. It was very affordable for the quality you get. I would and have recommended people use Paul Henry Windows when they have the chance.”

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