Bay Windows vs Flat Windows – Which is Right for Me?


There’s more to your home’s windows than you may think. They maintain your home’s temperature and can change the whole look of both your interior and exterior. The type of window can also determine how much natural light shines into your home or how big a room appears.

So, when thinking about window installation, you need to ask yourself, “what type of window do I want here?” Paul Henry’s Window Installation in Northern Virginia is a family operated company that will help you decide on and install windows to suit your wants and needs.

Two major types of windows homeowners get installed by us are bay and flat windows. They have very different features and serve different functions, ensuring one of them will be a good fit for your home.

Bay Windows

Bay windows consist of multiple windows, typically three, hung side-by-side that extend outward from your house and come in many sizes. The center window is the largest, while the two double-hung windows on either side are placed at an angle. Bay windows are seen more in living rooms and kitchens, where homeowners like to have more natural sunlight.

Pros: Bay windows give you extra space to be creative with. You can create more shelf space, more seating, or just leave it to give the room a more open look. Homeowners also love these windows because they offer a classy appearance, add more value to your home, and allow more sunlight to enter the room.

Cons: Bay windows can cost more when it comes to installation and repairs. Problems with the window will evolve overtime if not installed properly, so you need a professional like Paul Henry’s Window Installation to do it for you. Also, window treatments for bay windows can be difficult to find and install because of their angles, so make sure you want all that natural sunlight entering your home.

Flat Windows

Flat windows are very different from bay windows. They lay flat on walls of buildings and are smaller than bay windows. Flat windows can be used anywhere in homes but are more likely to be seen in bedrooms and other smaller spaces.

Pros: While flat windows are just flat, they are easy to clean. Window treatments are also easy to find and install, available in many varieties so you can add your own touch to a room. Flat windows are also better for regulating your home’s temperature with their good insulation.

Cons: Flat windows don’t do as much to a room as bay windows. They won’t let in as much natural light or create that extra space, so consider what rooms in which you are having them installed.

Paul Henry’s Window Installation Wants You to Have a Good Window Experience

Don’t miss this window of opportunity by choosing Paul Henry’s Window Installation in Northern Virginia when adding and replacing windows in your home. We will work to choose the best option of window, whether it be bay or flat. We ensure that you will be satisfied with our installation and superior temperature-maintaining windows.

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