Bay Window Installation in Burke VA

Bay windows are often found in older structures, mainly since they give the person living in the home or business a bit of additional space, or more light to come into the place. These windows are slightly different than standard windows because they project out further from the building itself and this aspect makes them unique when it comes to installing them.

Bay window installation starts by laying out where you want your bay window to go inside of your structure.

How Are Bay Windows Installed?

Once you have decided what bay window you want and where it is going to be placed, it’s time to prepare the area where the window will go. This includes some basic measurements so that proper cuts can be made when the time comes for installation. Bay windows are often held up by joists (beams) inside your home; these beams may need additional supporting if they don’t feel sturdy enough once you’ve put your bay window in place (which is why we recommend reinforcing them).

Bay windows also require at one corner inside your structure to be cut out to allow for room to place the window inside.The actual window installation starts by taking apart whatever pieces need disassembling (if anything). Then set up your support beams or joists according to where they are needed once you put the bay window back together.

These are just some of the preliminary steps to install a bay window in Burke VA.

Does a bay window add value to a home?

The short answer – Yes! Bay windows can raise the value of your home by up to 10% over homes without any windows at all.

A bay window is often thought of as an architectural treasure. Bay windows are not only useful for its extended view, but it adds to the appeal and value of a home. Bay windows can be considered as an extension of the functional space in your home and also make great areas for flowerpots, potted plants, or even a great space for guests to sit.

If you’re unsure of whether to install a bay window vs. a standard flat window, read about Bay Windows vs Flat Windows.

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